Pat Hobbs


My name is Pat Hobbs.  I am returning to the real estate industry after taking a break to accompany my husband on an international assignment with his career.  I am excited to return to a business in which I have experienced great success and lots of fun for over 18 years! 

The real estate market has provided me with such wonderful opportunities to meet and serve people with one of the greatest purchases/investments they ever make with their finances, as well as their lives and heart.  I look forward to all that I can do to assist in making buying or selling real estate a smooth and exciting experience for many more people now that I have returned. 

I am the wife of Bill Hobbs, and have been for over 45 years!  We have 3 children, who have given us much joy!  But even more joy and blessing have come into our lives by our 3 grandsons!

My love of life and, all that God has given me, spill over into my “hobby” of going to international mission fields to “give.” 

I also love doing things in our own community to increase the value of life and hope for those here.

Reading, gardening, and loving on my family take up the other pieces of my time.  We have so much fun as a family and value every moment we share.

I look forward to my return to the USA, to my family, to the real estate industry, and to serving those every opportunity presents, whether in Real Estate or beyond.  Thank you so very much for a gracious reception of my return!