Elizabeth Okamura


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1824 East Main Street Easley, SC 29640

Elizabeth Okamura is an active Licensed Real Estate Agent for South Carolina. Elizabeth is fluent in many languages, including English and Spanish.  This gives her an edge when one, or more parties speak Spanish compaired to other realtors.  Her ability to understand and translate helps both sides in a real estate transaction. Elizabeth lists, and sells properties in Greenville, Anderson, Pickens, and Oconee Counties in SC. Elizabeth has considerable knowledge of property values in all of these areas, which gives her a advantage as a Realtor. Elizabeth enjoys working with people, and aiding them in buying, selling and finding value in Real Estate.  Elizabeth has traveled all over the world, and found no where more desirable than this area to settle down and live.  She enjoys working hard for her clients, and giving them the care and attention they all deserve.


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