Chris Ortiz


Community First Real Estate

1824 E Main St, Suite M Easley, SC 29640

I am a recent resident of the Upstate, having moved here from Orlando, Florida in 2010.  Before living in Orlando for one year, I grew up a little further south in Miami.  I also spent 3 years of my childhood in Puerto Rico, becoming fluent in Spanish in the process.  I am what we call a “halfback” here in the Carolinas as I was born in New York (Long Island), moved to Florida and made it halfway back to N.Y. when I settled here in Greenville.  I also spent my college years in Ohio and enjoyed a semester abroad in Europe.


So, why work with me?  I will give you a few reasons, in no specific order.


  • My travels have taught me to adapt and adjust to new situations and to pay attention to my surroundings, listening to, not just hearing, what people have to say.

  • My professional background running multiple businesses and as an employee in others has taught me that good service is the most important aspect of any business relationship.

  • Have you seen my teammates?  Community First Real Estate is composed of some great realtors who are willing to help you when and where I can’t.  By working with me, you get a team of representatives that want to help you buy/sell/lease your property.

  • I may not be the best negotiator or the best salesperson but I am definitely one of the hardest working realtors you will meet, going to bat for my clients and looking out for their best interests, not mine.

  • As a consumer, I have been involved in home purchases, sales and leases, land purchases, leases and sales, and commercial property leases and sales.  So what I lack in experience as a realtor, I make up as a consumer.

  • I am not interested in a quick sale or a short term relationship with my clients.  According to the last U.S. Census Bureau study in 2007, Americans will move an average of 11.7 times in their life.  I would love to be a part of those experiences with you.

So, if you need to buy, sell or lease a residential or commercial property in South Carolina call me or shoot me an email and let me know how I can help you.  Si hablas español, también me puedes llamar o puedes mandarme un correo electrónico y te respondere lo antes posible.