The Community First Story

     Late in 2007, frustrated with the bureaucracy and inflexibility of the national real estate firm he worked for (not to mention the increasingly expensive royalties and commission splits), Edward Beaver felt the market was ripe for a new approach. “Serve the clients—put them first; treat clients the way you would want to be treated if you were the client,” he thought. Thus the “golden rule for clients” philosophy was born, and Community First Real Estate opened its doors.

     Eight years later, Community First is poised to serve the clients and the local market in a way few firms can.  Opening a new branch office in downtown Greenville is just one of those ways.  There is still a focus on the “golden rule for clients,” but service is diversified, partnerships more strategic; the rolodex an ever expanding resource for clients.  Marketing at Community First is internet focused, taking information to where the people are.  Strategies are focused on educating the client—providing them the information they need to make informed decisions.

     Experienced agents are given the tools they need to serve their clients, and aren’t tied down by company bureaucracy. As a result, sales are up, way up, and every day Community First sees the fruit of being a large enough company to serve all the needs of the client, while being small enough to care about each client, making them more than just another transaction.